Native Species

Why are Native Species Important?

Native plant and animal species are important for many different reasons. They help stabilize soil, purifying air, filtering water and most improtantly supporting native wildlife populations. Native plants are already adapted to our environment and have a signifigant impact on decreasing flooding and droughts as well as mitigating extreme temperatures. Once established native plants thrive in their natural environment. 


Long Island is home to many types of plants and animals all competing for food and space to grow. 

Native species have developed over hundreds or thousands of years in a particular region or ecosystem. Planting natives helps conserve biodiversity, provides food and shelter specifically for native wildlife. 

Native Plant Facts

  • Many species of native plants are eidble (Raspberry, Blueberry, Strawberry) 
  • Most butterflies rely on specific native plants to lay their young 
  • Native plants require little to no watering once established in a home garden
  • There are many natives that can be planted as ornamental trees (Inkberry, Redbud)
  • Native plants are better suited to our hot and humid summer conditions

How can you help? 

Educating others

Learn more and educate others about the importance of Native Species. 

Plant Natives

Planting native means less watering, maintenance and it is better for local wildlife


Volunteer with organizations like LIISMA, Save the Great South Bay, The Nature Conservancy, NYS Parks and with us to help your local community

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